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 Scala Hosting offers great managed VPS hosting at the lowest cost I've found.
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EZEN Cloud Hosting

for My Website Clients

Hosting and disk space prices listed are annual costs.
Lock in these great cloud hosting prices! -- get your website made by Ezen!
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Compare VPS (Cloud) Hosting Costs



Startup Cost

Regular Cost

Data Storage

CPU / Ram





Ezen Cloud Hosting

$9 / month

$12/ month

2 GB

2 CPU / 4GB



Group IP



39.95 / month

46.95 / month

50 GB

2 CPU / 4GB


unlimited SPanels

1  IP


19.99 / month

59.99 / month

90 GB

2 CPU / 4GB

2 TB

5 CPanel accounts

2  IPs


12.88 / month PLUS


120 GB

2 CPU / 6GB

3000 GB

extra $12/mo and up

1 IP

Prices as of 12/31/22 -- Visit the sites for current offerings.

Prefer Your Own Hosting?

Go Lower Cost with Shared Hosting Plans

Compare Shared Hosting Costs

Company / Plan

Scala "Mini"

InMotion "Core"

Hostinger "Single"

NameCheap "Stellar"

Startup Cost

$3.95 per month

$2.99 per month

$1.99 per month

$1.58 per month

Startup Term

3 years

3 years

4 years

2 years

Regular Cost

$6.95 per month

$8.99 per month

$3.99 per month

$3.88 per month

Data Storage

20 GB

100 GB

30 GB

20 GB

# of Websites





Email Addresses




separate charge

Prices as of 2/14/22
visit the sites for current offerings.

No Worries About Disk Space at InMotion

Excellent Customer Service Graphic

No Limits Web Hosting

InMotion Hosting Excels in Customer Service

If you are feeling the need to expand and grow your business on your own without having to be careful of disk space or nodes, etc., we recommend inMotion shared hosting for quality and professionalism
Starting with the  "Launch" plan, unlimited comes into play. Unlimited disk space, unlimited websites and unlimited number of emails are the basics with many more perks.
InMotion also offers phone service with their support which is a rare find in a hosting company today. If you're working on an important site at 2am and something goes awry, InMotion support is there 24/7.


What is Shared Hosting?

Shared hosting means your website will be sharing its resources with other sites all on one server. Good for startups on a low budget, the downsides can be slower speeds and having other sites that can compromise all the sites on the same server. However most shared hosting companies do special things to make the sites faster such as caching.

What is VPS?

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It will usually have one unique IP address. It is usually the same as "cloud" hosting, providing expanded access to more programs and data. VPS is basically faster than shared hosting so your site will load faster for your site visitors. Faster and more secure than shared hosting, it comes at a higher cost.

How much disk space do I need?

It depends on the amount of images and files in your site. For most WordPress sites, with all the WordPress files plus your own assests it averages about 500 MG. If you need more space let me or your host know. They can help you with the next step.

What is Managed VPS?

Unless you know how to run a server, which is pretty complex, you will need managed VPS. Managed VPS will include setup for your hosting.  Most managed hosting includes CPanel or SPanel (dashboard), security, core backup and more.

Easy-Pleasy Web Hosting 


Cloud Hosting at Shared Hosting Prices

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Most Popular Site Builders
Available with Ezen Hosting 

WordPressJoomlaOpen CartOpen Real EstateAbante Cartphpbbmybbgalleryph7cmsConcretepiwigosmflaravelwhmcsphpbb

Low Cost Domain Names

* NAMECHEAP has FREE Domain Privacy.  
Why should you add domain privacy when purchasing your domain name? 
Without privacy protection your personal information can be seen publicly worldwide. This means you could receive frequent calls, emails or texts (not our company) asking about your website. Some calls could be scams.



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