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Cloud Hosting

at Shared Hosting Prices!

Websites Work Better
in the Cloud

Faster Loading Pages

More Secure

Better Uptime

Less Environmental Impact

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happy website in cloud
  • More Secure
  • Faster Loading Pages
  • Better Uptime
  • Less Environmental Impact

You can relax, it's in the cloud.

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you can relax . . .

. . . it's in the Cloud

Scala VPS is our cloud base. Best VPS Hosting 2022 (Forbes)  

Our Website Clients Get a Great Hosting Deal! -- Cloud Hosting at Shared Hosting Prices!

Each hosting account is in a VPS (Virtual Private Server) that is faster and more secure than shared hosting. AND -- I do free monthly maintenance* for the websites I create  (free updates have a time limit per month). 
*Free maintenance includes manual backups, plugin updates, on-call edits and content additions or changes at your request. When you want updates that require more than 35 minutes in a month, you can pay a low hourly fee of $20/hr.

Ezen Hosting Includes:

SShield Security
Blocks 99.998% of Website Attacks
SWordPress Manager
Blocks 99.998% of WordPress Attacks
Daily Backups
Individual files can be restored easily
24/7 Monitoring
Collects vital information to improve performance
Free SSL
Creates a secure environment for visitors and owner
Site Builders
Softaculous Installer for WordPress, Joomla and more!

Website Clients Receive:

Fully Customized Website
Fast-loading and mobile friendly
Hosting Discounts
Cloud hosting at shared hosting costs
Custom Graphics
Colors and style to fit your site perfectly
For making any photo better
Discounted Site Maintenance
Updates, adjustments and additions
Website Consultation
Advice for domains, hosting and more



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